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First Impressions

Most businesses run their own social media pages, which is great!

When possible, in-house social media management can be the most authentic and personal. There is a lot to keep-up in social media because platforms are constantly changing- and that’s where regularly consulting with a professional is key in keeping up with it all. This helps you optimize your audience reach, while you run your business doing what YOU love.

If you are a DIYer when it comes to running your social media, first think about making a masterful first impression. When a potential client visits your social media page, a well-kept page will instill the most confidence.

Be sure to fill in all the information spaces provided in the page info section in your page settings.

If you are struggling with the sizes of graphics for your Facebook page, this information provided by Facebook will help you figure out the correct dimensions.

#DIYTIP use an online program like Adobe Spark or Canva to get your images perfect every time.